First Post

It has been 7 months since I arrived on Vancouver Island, my journey bookended by dual snowstorms. That was just the beginning of a whirlwind journey that has not let up. It started with a flurry of last minute wedding preparations and treacherous Christmas road trips and continued to a new job, a funeral, another wedding, home renovations, weekend guests, relocation of both sets of parents (mine to Saskatchewan and Jeff’s to 6.2 km down the street), all while tending a garden on steroids and learning how to navigate life successfully along side another person.

I never thought I would be so happy, moving for love. I never thought that spinster Stefanie could successfully live with someone else. I never thought it could be THIS beautiful, living a block away from the ocean. I never thought I would live in a place where my herb garden grew 12 months a year.

I also never thought I would be so miserable, missing the familiar people and places that made up my life in Waterloo. I completely underestimated how much I would grieve the losses of my SAFA women’s group, church, WNMC dinner group, work, care group, duet partner, adopted Albrecht family, neighbours and friends. I never thought I would go to bed, yearning for the tastes of Al Madina’s hummus or Waterloo County Maple Syrup, the energy of the Farmer’s Market , the sound of Mennonite singing, and the feel of familiarity that comes from knowing exactly where to get a hair cut, a shoe fixed, a new purse or decent Indian spices.

I never thought, in the genuine bliss of newly wedded-ness, I would wake up for weeks thinking, “This has been fun!! Now… when do I get to go home?”

I have done terribly, staying in touch with the people I love. This blog is simply, a way to share what is happening in our Unger-Stanway life and to try to stay better in touch.

Enjoy! And please- do come visit. Even if you don’t bring hummus.


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