Searching for Harry Potter and Jane Austen

From Tewkesbury, we ventured off for several day trips. Jeff had never been to Bath and fell in love with the trademark stone architecture. We escaped our first day of rain in the Roman baths

and bravely tasted the yucky sulphur-y spring water in the Pump Room. Jeff thought it tasted like Ontario tap water.

Our homage to my dear Jane Austen included searching out her home and visiting the famous John Wood designed Circus. I made Jeff run after me to declare his undying love and affection, just as Captain Wentworth did for Anne Elliott. And yes- it was just as good as the movie.

Our hosts took us on day trips to Wales for the fantastic coal mine tour at Big Pit

and to Gloucester to visit the Cathedral.

The cloisters feelt eerily familiar…. don’t you feel like you’ve been here before?

Ah- Hogwarts!

On the way home from Gloucester, we stopped at Deerhurst. The village now consists of a couple of old houses and St. Mary’s Church. It is one of the best surviving examples of Saxon architecture and was just as beautiful as the cathedral.


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