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This blog is waking up from hibernation now that its author has finally settled into life in BC. While the transition to married life has been quite smooth, the transition to life in Nanaimo has been a much greater challenge than I ever expected. A year and a half after arriving, I can finally see the light at the end of this transition tunnel. It’s been a tough journey.

I am happy to report that Nanaimo feels more and more like home and I am finally able to appreciate what IS here instead of seeing all that is not. It is starting to feel like I actually could belong here.

I’m so thankful for a spouse who never gave up on me and continued to be an unwavering source of care, support and encouragement. He didn’t sign up for a spouse who would struggle so much in her own skin during the first year of marriage but he has handled it perfectly. He has also gone out of his comfort zone to help me create the social, church and personal connections I have needed to feel less isolated. For that, I am so very thankful. I could not have survived this move without him.

When I created this blog, it was with the hope that I could stay in better touch with friends and family (keep scrolling down to check out photos of some of our traveling adventures this past year). I approach this blog again, with renewed energy and love for the people in my life who are not with me every day. It seems to be a first step to get back in touch.

And… I really hope you will come and visit! Scenically speaking, Nanaimo really is tough to beat.


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