September 2008 in London

We spent a belated honeymoon in London, enjoying uncharacteristic Indian summer weather while soaking in the architecture, history and culture that defines this city. We were even lucky enough to be cruising down the Thames on one of the rare occasions when Tower Bridge was raised.
One of our afternoon walks took us from The London Eye down The Strand past Twinings Tea (in business in this very shop since 1706)

to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

We became true tourists at The Tower of London

and walked across the Thames from our B&B on Sunday morning for church at Westminster Abbey.

There is nothing that feeds my soul as well as a Choral service and it took just a few minutes to convince Jeff of the same. We had planned our itinerary around concerts and services and enjoyed at least one every day. It still seems completely wrong that we were able to hear the amazing London symphony (in concert with one of my all-time favourite pianists) for fraction of what we would pay for our local orchestra. Ten times the quality for a quarter of the price. Sheesh.

We missed the last Proms concert at Royal Albert Hall but I surprised Jeff with an afternoon at the Museum of Instruments at the Royal Academy. That made for one happy husband.

As for my happiness… that happened the afternoon we were walking down Kensington High Street and a police motorcade came by. It was followed by a dark maroon jaguar carrying The Queen in the backseat. It was just for a moment but, I can now honestly say I went to London and saw the Queen. It absolutely made my day.

London fashion was as colourful and memorable as ever. I enjoyed two hours on Oxford Street (while Jeff went to the Handel Museum) and was not surprised to see that even Wallace and Gromet were well-dressed.


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