Summer Vacation

Summer vacation arrived not a day too soon! After 6 very busy months at work, Jeff and I were both long overdue for a change of scenery and energy. We started off in separate directions (not recommended but unavoidable this year) with Jeff on a road trip with his sister to Alberta, and me across the country for a quick weekend with my women’s group and my dear friend Louise’s wedding.

I spent 45 hours in Ottawa with Jeff’s other sister and family, enjoying a picnic at the Ottawa River (and supervising sand creature construction), Canada Day fireworks and the first half of my birthday. I had completely dreaded turning 35, but celebrating with cupcakes baked by my nephew and iced by my niece (with help from their fantastic mom) made it a great day.

The second half of my birthday was spent on a flight to Saskatoon to meet up with Jeff and see my parent’s brand new house. While outside still looked a little like a construction zone, the inside was beautiful. I’m still pretty jealous of their cupboards and closets.

We had followed the past year of construction closely with phone calls and many email photos, but it was no substitute for being there in person. The view down their new street is pretty good, especially at sunset.

Saskatchewan is a second childhood home for me as we spent every summer vacation there. I probably have a much more idyllic view of it than is necessary, but there is no denying the beauty of its massive blue sky and wide open spaces. Jeff had never been to the great plains before and it was so much fun to make the introduction.


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