Rathtrevor Beach and Parksville Sand Castle Competition

Our niece and nephew escaped rainy, cold Ontario for a two week visit on the sunny and warm west coast. We had such a great time with them, loosing many badminton games, listening to Lemony Snickets, eating ice cream, discussing the best Dr. Who episodes, playing board games, going to the beach and just hanging out. I’m probably slightly biased when I say that they (along with their cousin) are the 3 of the most interesting, smart and all around best kids around… but it really is true.

The start of their visit was less sunny than they had hoped, although we were very happy for a reprieve from the heatwave that had continued through the summer. Even with wind and overcast skies, we had a great picnic at Rathetrevor Beach in Parksville, walking along the mud flats at low tide.

We decided that our niece is half fish and half lemer. When not in the ocean, she can be found climbing some rock formation or up a tree. This girl is fearless.

The anual Parksville Beach Festival includes a sand castle building contest, this year with an Olympic theme. We all agreed that these were pretty impressive, considering the two-day length of the competition.

Being the serious group that we are, it was no wonder that the bobsledding Canadian wildlife and the Mr. Potato Head skiing pit crew were two of our favourites.

The obvious winner was built by a team from Victoria. “It Has a Ring To It”, depicting the mythological formation of the olympic rings, was pretty amazing.

The tide had come in enough at Parksville Beach to keep us close to the shore. It’s not as sandy, but there was fun to be found under nearly every rock.


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