Grapes and Plums and Peaches, Oh my

Our grape vines enjoyed a hot summer, and tripled their yield from last year. While the idea of stomping them to make wine was tempting, we have instead filled ourselves with pies (a repeat of our favourite from last year), jelly, syrup, and ice cream. I admit- the vibrancy of the ice cream (pre-frozen in this photo) is a little scary but it tastes pretty good.

Jeff perfected a method of seed separation using the salad spinner. By the end of the run, with some help from a favourite cousin-nephew, he had it down to an efficient science.

We realized out of the blue that one of our trees had produced a crop of yellow plums that were hidden under the dense foliage. Those were quickly turned into sauces (one a spicy Chinese dipping sauce and the other, a fruity mango mix) and canned along with 3 flats of Okanagan peaches. Thank goodness for knowledgeable mother-in-laws… half way through canning the peaches, I realized I had no clue what I was doing and Jeff’s mom talked me through. She’s the greatest.


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