First impressions

After our bathroom ceiling started peeling last spring, Jeff and I decided a facelift was in order. So far, we’ve “facelifted” the ceiling, walls, vanity and counter trim (goodbye old oak) and I plan to paint the baseboards and window casings tomorrow. I think it looks brighter and fresher, but somehow still incomplete.

After waffling back and forth between bamboo and roman blinds, the cheapskate in me won out. Roman blinds it will be. Because the bathroom is right off our front entrance, I think it makes most sense to use the same fabric for both. Hence, my dilemma. Neutral? Bright? Black and white?

Here are my four finalists. Votes, suggestions and opinions are most welcome!

Existing space

pretty boring, huh?!?!

Option #1 Safe, neutral and a much better match to the bathroom than appears in my bad photoshop. It also matches pretty well with the light beachy feel of the kitchen and living room. AND… it’s a really good quality designer fabric on clearance for $3 a yard. Cheap yes… but also not quite right?

Option #2 This fabric has been one of my favourites for a long time. It’s so cheery and happy- but is it better suited to a kids playroom than the front entrance? It’s also a pretty big pattern that might get lost on a small window.

Option #3 If you look in my closet, most of my wardrobe is black, white, or a mix of the two. I love this in the bathroom but wonder if it is too boring for the entrance.

Option #4 I love Amy Butler’s retro fabrics and have not used one in my home…. yet. I wonder if this might be a good compromise on all fronts, leading both into the grey master bedroom across the hall and ahead into the blue, white and green kitchen.

The plan for the master bedroom (also off the front entrance… weird, I know) is a mix of grey, white and black. The furniture is in place but the pillows and curtains are still lying by a heap beside my sewing machine. Here is my photo board plan to help with a visual until the real thing is complete.

Looking at this… I’m thinking Option #4 but I’m still just not sure.


3 thoughts on “First impressions

  1. Ok, This is a tough one. I am not sure I will be of any help.

    Option 1: Not my forvorite, maybe the picture makes it look too yellowish.
    Option 2:I love the bright, but it might be better suited to a sunroom or bright bedroom.
    Option 3:It kind of grows on you. I think it looks good in the BR, but am unsure about the enterance.
    Option 4:Looks ok in the enterance, but not to sure about the BR.

    Nephew thinks that 1 and 2 are out. 3 is the best, and 4 is the runner up.

    The other members of the household declined comment.

  2. Oh my, I adore the big bright pattern! I have no thoughts on it there exactly, but what invigorating colors! If not there, I hope it gets used somewhere…

    But I must say, I love love love Option 4 for that area. (I love Amy Butler stuff too!)

    At any rate, sounds like a fun project! I hope you'll update your blog readers on what you decide on… 🙂

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