Same old, same old

There has not been much to post over the past 4 weeks as life has continued in its busy routine. Jeff has been very busy with work and my highlights have been tackling the much needed “clean out the basement” project and completing a community cooking day with the women in our small group that left me with a freezer full of ready made meals (a very good thing). I chopped vegetables for about 6 hours but it is SO worth it.

Jeff’s dad had a birthday that required another creative cake…..

Jeff continued building a linen/shoe/mudroom closet

and we did this all fueled by caffeine.

And, I read a book that has had such a profound impact on me that I find myself recommending it to everyone I know.

One of my favourite authors, Barbara Kingsolver,chronicles her family’s year-long commitment to growing their own food and limiting almost all of their food purchases to locally grown items. Like me, you probably won’t rush out to join a crop share association or completely swear off CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) meats but you will be effected by what you learn. I certainly was.

My plan for 2010? Integrate vegetables into my flower garden (if you’ve seen my flower garden, you will know this is no small task) and hit the local farmers market each week. Small things, maybe, but increasingly important things to me. I guess I am a farm girl at heart, after all.


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