This week, Jeff and I celebrated our second anniversary. Two years… already! We still look at each other sometimes with expressions of complete puzzlement and ask, “Hey- did you know that we are MARRIED?!?!”

To celebrate, we had dinner at our favourite Thai restaurant and chatted about work, Christmas, Doctor Who, where we’ll be in 48 years and all that has happened over the past two. We were digging into our coconut green curry when Jeff let out a peal of spontaneous laughter. Of course, I asked about what had tickled his funny bone and he reminded me of some of the many obscure and absurd suggestions we received while planning our wedding. He is still wonderfully entertained by the octopus wedding dress,

mechanical wedding cake,

and high-heeled flippers.

Thanks to all of you who made those suggestions- you know who you are!

My relocation for marriage was by far, the most difficult thing I have done in life. I can’t really sugar coat that one. In the same breath, I can honestly say that marriage really has contained much laughter in the midst of experiences at both ends of the emotional spectrum. Looking back, I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am so very thankful to find myself even happier and hopeful today

than I was on this very fine day.


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