Where are you from?

I have been lucky to do more than my share of traveling. For a long time, there was no better adrenaline than the surge I felt, headed off for a trip. I used to dread coming home to the monotony of “real” life and do my best to hold onto the excitement of traveling for as long as possible. I’m not sure how or when this shifted but I was as excited to come back home this afternoon as I was when I set off last week. Maybe that’s an inevitable part of growing older?

My mom thanked me for coming “home” to visit this weekend and while Saskatchewan is a place I’ve spent lots of time, am very comfortable and certainly hold dear in my heart, I have never actually lived there! I know my Mom was speaking figuratively and there is something very special and unique about sitting in her kitchen (no matter where it moves!) but taking off from Vancouver at dusk, looking out over mountains and ocean- that feels much more like “home” to me now.

People ask me where I’m from and I’m not quite sure what to say anymore. Maybe that’s an inevitable reality of living in multiple places- “home” becomes more about a stage in life, a period of time and the experience of shared relationships more than an actual physical location. Jeff routinely says, “Home is where the refrigerator is!” and I think he’s probably on to something.


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