Special project

While I’ve been rather quiet on the last few posts here, there actually has been lots going on for us behind the scenes. In addition to work, fun, friends, watching the garden come to life, keeping up with laundry, baking bread (or hockey pucks, as the case may be) and trying to cross off some of the many “to do” projects off our home improvement wish list, there has been a whole new other project that I have been preparing for behind the scenes. After much researching, document gathering, writing, thinking and ticking off checklists, I have some big news to share.

Jeff’s response to this photo was, “Poor Fanie- she has a LOT of work to do in the next two years!” He’s right. I’m going to sincerely hustle my fanny to successfully complete an MA while continuing to work 4 days a week. This program is actually designed for working professionals so I’m hoping to just make it work. That being said- I can’t imagine a greater opportunity right now and I can’t imagine there are many spouses out there who spend several months actively convincing their wives to take advantage of such opportunities. And pull out their checkbooks without question to help make these opportunities happen. He is undeniably, one of a very few.

This new chapter of life starts on Monday. Wish us luck.


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