New View

The three loyal readers of this humble blog (!) might remember a post from last fall when I talked about the view out my kitchen window. My much dreaded return to dorm life occurred this afternoon when Jeff loaded me, my school stuff, a whole lot of shoes and groceries for the next week into our trusty Echo and headed down the Malahat Highway. It was a tough day and I had a few melt downs along the way. After orientation this evening, I came back to my room and looked out my window (not my kitchen window but my ONLY window!) and replaced the nervous butterflies with a sense of amazement of how lucky I am to be here.Yup- that’s a REAL castle and it’s where I had my dinner tonight. And right behind it- that’s the ocean. I now live ocean front beside a castle. This is real estate I NEVER have a hope of repeating for myself! I’m thinking this three weeks is going to be OK… and that’s even before the learning starts.


4 thoughts on “New View

  1. I'm with Janelle – following you through my Google reader. Good luck Chica! Have fun and go with the flow. Don't get too stressed with it all.

  2. Looking forward to the day in this program when you move from surviving to thriving … it's gonna happen sooner than you think!

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