And now for something completely different

This week, my week “off” in between school semesters, has been about catching up. Sleep, weeding, cooking, organizing my new shoe closet (stay tuned for an upcoming tour), friends, laundry, blog posting and reading etc. It’s been a week to just catch up on life.

One of my guilty pleasures is watching fashion. The Paris runway shows are in full swing, creating just as much drama and viewing pleasure as the World Cup. While I will never own designer duds, I tune in to see what new and exciting things have been dreamed and created. Beauty, feathers, fabrics, and creativity aside, there are always some items that defy description. I was crushed this year to see one particular horror march down the runway at Valentino- a designer label known for classic fashion mastery. If I was ever going to the Academy Awards, I would want to a dress from these folks…. or so I thought until tonight.

For the First Ever Un-Way Readers Sweepstakes contest, we invite an answer to the following question:Besides Halloween, Mardi-Gras or tending the bee hive in your backyard, where exactly could you (or any other human, for that matter) wear this outfit… and fit in?

The most entertaining response wins…. dinner at our house. And don’t worry- we won’t make you wear a birdcage. Not even a Valentino one.


10 thoughts on “And now for something completely different

  1. Does the winner get an all-expenses paid trip out for said dinner? Because I think that the birdcage would be a fabulous Easter Sunday outfit. One feathered fascinator later, and you're good to go! Plus, you'd give people something to talk about for years. Call it your own little Easter gift to the congregation.

  2. While the Un-Way contests hosts would love to include travel to pick up the grand prize, this unfortunately, is not possible and is not included in the prize winnings(!).

    Now… I believe the question contained the phrase “(wear this) and fit in”. On Vancouver Island, where Tevas and/or polar fleece are acceptable attire for every social occasion (including Easter Sunday), the fitting in part might be a bit of a challenge!!

  3. We were thinking a little darker than Easter Sunday. The kids figured it would fit completely in at a Medieval torturer convention. It would just have to be in black. Maybe we have visited too many old castle dungeons!!


  4. I think it should be called “Mother's best friend”.

    Perfect for curious, gotta-touch-it, small children to wear when their mothers are left with no choice but to take all 3 of them grocery shopping, without a nap, just before snack time.

    It would also be the perfect answer to repeated, irritating cries of “Mom, he's pinching me!!”

    Put it on a pair of kids and you've got hours of bumper-car-style fun.

    Do they come in kid sizes? I'll take three. 🙂

  5. I think we have a front runner with Jennie's “Mother's Best Friend” suggestion. Fitting in may be irrelevant if practicality can be possible!

  6. I think it could be warn as a portable mosquito shield for those of us who have to live in Stittsville ON.

  7. Since each of the 6 contest entrants live in Ontario- you ALL win dinner at our house! I think three might have claimed their prize last week… but I'll up the ante and declare that you are all lifetime recipients and can claim the prize as many times as you wish.

    Your entries provided much pleasure and glee!

  8. I think you could wear it to a PETA meeting, as long as you had two spotted owls in the cage and told everyone it was made of hemp.

    If they got mad that you had caged up some spotted owls, you could immediately hug the owls and ask them if it was inhuman to trap animals with love.

    Then they'd start crying and wish they had a love cage…which they wouldn't since you would be the only person cool enough to have arrived in a love cage.

    Then you'd likely get a new car (possibly filled with nachos) on the Price is right for being so cool.

    You're already running out to buy a love cage. I know it.

  9. Well Mennonknight (AKA my brother)- I think your comment was posted only for the free dinner. While you get a point for the creative randomness of your idea, I'm not sure you qualify for the prize….. Unless, you bring your beautiful wife and come to visit us. Then we'll talk about dinner.

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