Saratoga Beach

Jeff’s niece and nephew sent their mom back to Ottawa on her own so they could repeat the great fun off camping with Jeff’s parents. Not to be left out of the adventure, we followed them up to Saratoga Beach (just south of Campbell River) for the weekend.

While the first day was a little rainy, we had a great time hiking up around Elk Falls.

The second day was beautifully sunny and hot; after spending the morning on the beach, the kids, Jeff and I spent the afternoon floating down the Oyster River and having a great time jumping into the rapids.

Jeff and I were in the midst of making some big decisions about my job (more to come on that soon) and having this weekend of fun (complete with a Sunday morning spent giggling and drawing our favourite Far Side cartoons on the beach at low tide) was exactly what we needed. This was our second annual camping trip with Jeff’s parents, niece and nephew- we certainly hope the kids come back next summer to continue this fantastic tradition (hint, hint)!

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