Pain and distraction

After our super weekend spent hiking rainforest trails, jumping into river rapids and sleeping on a very uncomfortable mattress in our “rustic” cottage rental, Jeff suffered a flare-up of a herniated disk problem that began at the start of this year. While decompression therapy has helped and, some three weeks later, he is doing much better, there were two weeks when he was completely unable to sit and barely able to lie down. It wasn’t a fun time.

With a stern warning not to do any lifting, he was going a little stir crazy walking in circles. In an effort to provide a bit of distraction, I came up with an idea to make pretzels. I’m not sure why, exactly- it seemed like a great idea as they took up the better part of an afternoon and were something I’ve always wanted to try.

We followed

this recipe, replacing the butter with Jeff-friendly non-dairy margarine. The great idea turned into a fun afternoon as they were delicious dinner with home-made hummus and salad. Yum.


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