I took a leave from my job at the end of June- a leave that probably should have happened a year or two ago. While I won’t go into details here, I have enjoyed the people parts of my job (clients, colleagues) but the environment has been exceptionally difficult and disheartening to work within. My decision to go back to school was, in part, out of the realization that this work environment is not going to change.
It was wonderful to have the summer off to regain some health and perspective. It has enabled me to see how being so unhappy has affected our home life… and do some pretty honest soul searching about priorities and values. Actually having energy to garden, cook and have real conversations with Jeff was something I really missed.
In the end, it was pretty clear that going back to work in this job was not the best thing for us. Jeff has been beyond supportive of this decision and for this, I’m immeasurably grateful. Last Thursday, I cleaned out my office and said goodbye. My plan is to continue with my master’s degree (something I am enjoying very much) but beyond that- I’m not sure. It feels really good to have some quiet to let this unfold. For now- this view (outside my basement office window) seems to be exactly where I need to be.


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