Nearly a month has flown by without a word shared here. It has been busy with work, school and lots of DIYprojects. I took my first ever float plane ride to the big city several weeks ago to attend the Interior Design West (IDW) show at the Vancouver Convention Center.

Me with my laminated Harbour Air “ticket” Olympic torch on the waterfront right beside the Convention Centre
It was a fantastic day spent with my very stylish and uber creative cousin, topped off by meeting two of my favourite Canadian designers. She and I ended up shopping so enthusiastically that I missed the mid evening ferry and had to scurry to catch the last one of the night!

IDW was filled with wonderful ideas and trends. Eco decor is here to stay, I think, and with that, renewed popularity for things made of wood. Wood certainly seemed to be the dominant new trend along with brighter colours (goodbye greige), more vibrant patterns of fabric, more natural materials (cork and cotton), lots of attention to outdoor spaces and living accessories.

Contrasting with the eco-natural-homespun trend was a bolder-sparkly-glam that, while perhaps not always practical, was so much fun to look at.

I LOVED the use of Ikea Dandelion lights in this kitchen,

the vibrant wallpaper, velvet sofas, silk pillows and leather poufs at The Cross Design,

the incredibly glamorous lights at Richardson lighting (the bubble chandelier over the bathtub was so
strikingly beautiful it caused us to stop in our tracks with simultaneous gasps of wonder),

the gorgeous teal accents and perfect styling at Parliament,

and the beautiful furniture at Liberty (that’s the Sarah Richardson Garfield chair piped in black) and Home Delight.

While I felt VERY dorky about lining up to meet Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe, they were gracious, funny and very warm. Tommy was wearing a fantastic pair of black and white plaid socks and when I complimented them, he went off on a long and very funny story about buying them in Montreal. I kept running into him at several vendors after his and Sarah’s presentation and at one point, he came up to me and said “Really now dear, you MUST stop following my socks!” I was completely charmed.

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