HFM Phase 2 continued: More demolition

Today continued with more pounding, banging, pulling, pushing, sawing and carrying. A diamond blade saw made much quicker work of removing the cement wall; after Jeff’s dad cut it into smaller sections (a very tiring, dusty and difficult task), we were able to pry the cement panels off fairly easily.

After the stucco was finally removed, it uncovered a much rotted wooden structure that was even more in need of replacing than we thought.

Jeff came home from work early to help with the last part of stucco removal and tearing apart the frame. We both have been more than a little overwhelmed by how big this job has turned out to be. Without his parents and uncle, this project would NOT be happening. The first load of rubbish (today’s concrete and most of the wood structure) came in at 1800 pounds and we have a second load already in Jeff’s parent’s truck ready to drop off tomorrow.

I was so stinky, sweaty, dusty and dirty at the end of the day that even I was turned off by a whiff of myself. After a much needed shower, I went through the regular routine of combing the tangles out of my hair while still wrapped in my fluffy warm towel. I usually do this while standing at the bathroom mirror but after our work today, I sat down on the (closed) toilet. I was so tired that I called out to Jeff (in the nearby kitchen), “Babe, I don’t think I have enough energy to go any further”. Jeff poked his head into the bathroom and quipped, “Well, you’ve stopped at the right place then, haven’t you?!”
Tomorrow construction starts. Although my focus moves inside (keeping our family labourers well fed and getting my head back into a school paper due this weekend), I’m just hoping and praying that forecasts for rain won’t be accurate…

Progress made on day 3

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