HFM Phase 3: More construction and a Home Depot headache

Yesterday saw the addition of stair stringers and railing posts- two very happy new sights.

The vinyl railing (including sleeves for the railing posts) and composite wood we’re using for the stair treads also arrived…. after four “fix it” phone calls to Home Depot. I never cease to be amazed by the failings of human organizational systems and Home Depot took this to a whole new level. They forgot to process our delivery request (fix it #1). Then, they input the wrong delivery date by a week (fix it #2). Then… they couldn’t find our house because they were driving up and down  Chestnut Street in another city (fix it #3) And FINALLY…. when they did arrive, half of our order had not been loaded onto the truck (fix it #4). Sigh. Thankfully, everything eventually arrived and we were even more happy with our materials choices than we thought we would be.

Vinyl railing- notice the VERY happy “25 year guarantee”
Dark grey composite wood for the floorboards

We celebrated today’s progress with a big family dinner and (drumroll please) the submission of my big team assignment for school. In the end, it was a very good day.

Progress made on day 7

3 thoughts on “HFM Phase 3: More construction and a Home Depot headache

  1. True Home-Depot-Headache Story:

    A man walked into Home Depot looking for some lumber.

    Specifically he was looking for 2x4s in 6-foot lengths.

    The staff person in the lumber department said they only had 12-foot lengths.

    Since the man couldn't transport 12-foot lengths he asked the staff person if they could cut a few in half and the man would then purchase those now-6-foot-length pieces.

    In any other hardware store I've been in, they'd be happy to comply with this very reasonable request. It's pretty easy to cut a couple of pieces of wood in half right? Especially in a store where they sell lumber in aisle 34 and saws of all kinds in aisle 33… Right?


    The staff person's reply?

    “I can't cut it for you. I don't have a saw.”

    The man proposed a new motto for this big box chain:

    “Home Depot. You'd better do it, because we can't help.”

  2. Jennie- I think you win. The “I can't cut it for you- I don't have a saw” quote from HDE (Home Depot Employee) has become the official quote of this project.

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