HFM Phase 3: Still more construction

Jeff took advantage of the STAT holiday today to make progress on the steps. We have… Steps! Don’t worry- the bright green risers (covered with wood preservative) will be painted white next spring to match the vinyl railing. It looks a little wonky for now… but we’re just calling it “festive”.

What you don’t see in these photos is the amount of extra work that it took to make the lovely rounded corners on the front of the steps. The composite wood product we’re using clips together and there are grooves all the way down the length of each plank- Jeff and his dad had to router these off the one side of the plank (the side exposed on the front of each step). I think it has been a pain and Jeff’s workshop is covered in composite wood filings but I think the end result will be worth it (says the girl who was inside today working on an assignment, warm and dry out of the rain).

There are a few steps left and then the guys start on the top platform. With any luck, we hope to start installing railings sometime this weekend.
Progress made on day 8

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