Getting rid of the red

Life on the West Coast is pretty warm. Jeff and I heat our home with two gas fireplaces and very seldom turn on the furnace. The living room fireplace is Jeff’s go-to spot when he comes home from work and we have many a conversation while toasting our buns in front of it.
While the living room fireplace is very functional, it has never been my favourite thing to look at. I don’t usually like things that are red- funny, I know, because of my hair colour. Last year, I painted the tile surround charcoal grey, hoping that would help things. It did… but not enough. Since replacing a perfectly good fireplace seems unecessary, we opted for a makeover. Two cans of stove paint, some newspaper and tape, a cardboard box, a patient painter, and an even more patient cleaner (to dust up all of the black spray dust that covered nearly every surface when we were finished) were needed for this transformation.
Jeff took care of the whole project several weeks ago while I worked on another school assignment. I think he did a fantastic job.


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