Deck the halls

Jeff and I are looking forward to a relatively quiet Christmas with Stanway relatives here on Vancouver Island. While it would have been great to spend Christmas with our siblings or my parents, we are a little relieved not to be travelling very far.

Since the beginning of December was spent locked in my office labouring over a term paper, decorations this year are fairly low key but that’s just fine with us. This Christmas Open House/Tour is for my mom and sister-in-law, two of the most enthusiastic Christmas decorators I know. Welcome to our holiday home!

Living and Dining Room

Entrance and Kitchen

Family Room

My first job was making Christmas ornaments out of nuts (a filbert for the head and a walnut for the body) and the lady I worked for gave a set to my Mom. These ornaments were on a small tree in my parent’s dining room until two years ago, when they were passed to me.


Master Bedroom


2 thoughts on “Deck the halls

  1. Wow!!! even the bathroom!!! I'm impressed. Everthing looks fabulous. Have a great Christmas. We will be thinking of you.


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