Sick day date

I have had a bad cold for more than three weeks now. At the beginning of last week, I was feeling MUCH better… until Jeff got sick. We’re not sure if I was the culprit, or if he picked up a nasty virus making the rounds in his office.  Whatever hit him dealt a backwards blow to me, and life for us this weekend was a yucky cacophony of honking, sneezing, coughing and croaking. Today, we are both home on sick days and I have to say- between our bedraggled bedheads and droopy sweatshirts, we’re quite the pair.  When we went to bed last night (after our ritual lineup for the final dose of Buckleys before bed), we thought of family members braving -40 temperatures in Ottawa and were thankful that despite being sick, things could be much worse.

A soup fairy left us a container of soup on our front porch on Friday…. and it saved our weekend.  To this guardian angel we pass on our thanks and hope that someone did something as nice for you as you did for us.


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