Moving forward

Life in these parts has been pretty quiet… and focused. The good news is that I have made major headway during the past two weeks developing my thesis concept and the bad news…. well, this headway has been made possible through long, long, LONG hours of work.  January was a really tough month- one where I considered the real possibility that grad school is beyond my capability and I might need to quit- but I think I have turned a corner and things are better.

I only have to turn on the news for 30 seconds these days to be reminded of how fortunate I am.  My life is revolution-free, snow and sub-zero temperature-free and the crazy lady across the street has moved away (taking her out of control barking puppy and boom-box boyfriend with her). To top it all off…our primroses are blooming, the daffodils are growing and our magnolia preparing to blossom.  Yes- much to be thankful for.


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