Latest Project

My parents like to help with a project during their visits. It’s an endearing, helpful, welcome, appreciated and slightly stressful part of who they are.  Our school/work schedule has been so busy that Jeff and I did not give much thought to what this project would be- I just thought we would unleash my folks and their energy in our garden for a few days and POOF!!!  a manicured, pruned and well-behaved garden would magically appear. That REALLY is what happens when both my and Jeff’s parents tackle a project. It really puts us to shame.

During a phone call last week, my dad casually mentioned how much he had enjoyed tiling the bathroom and kitchen in their basement suite. This triggered an idea…. and a project for their visit was hatched.  For a few years, Jeff and I have wanted to add a shower to our basement bathroom (where there was previously only an old metal brown tub) and make this guest bath actually hospitable to guests.

Less than two days after my parents’ arrival, the bathroom now looks like this:

Can you believe this is a space where demolition just occurred?!?! Jeff and I are amazed at how both sets of our parents keep such clean renovation spaces.  Jeff and my dad had the old tub, ugly tile and gyproc out of the bathroom before I had a chance to snap a “before” picture. 
Today, my dad cut out the gyproc to the height you see here and added additional framing to support our new soaker tub, future wall of tile and shower.  The plan tomorrow is for my dad and Jeff to fit in the new tub (which will first require hammering out some concrete to move the  drain) and run plumbing up for a brand new 7+ foot shower high enough for every one of our very tall family and friends who might possibly come to visit.  If all goes according to schedule, we’ll be tiling by Saturday morning.

Are we crazy? Probably. But we’ve actually had a fair bit of fun so far. After a year of reading and writing more than I ever thought was possible, it is another nice change of scenery.  


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