Better with grout

Progress on Monday night and Tuesday morning (just before my parents left) included grouting both the shower and floor. Like everything else in this project…. it just took a LONG time! Jeff keeps describing this project as one with ” just a few more hidden difficulties” around each corner. I guess that’s the reality of renovating an older home. Despite this, we are still really happy with how everything has turned out and extremely grateful for the long hours of work my parents put in to make this happen. They were tiling troopers. THANK YOU!!

We now have to wait a bit to seal all of this beautiful grout. Then it’s wall patching, paint, reinstalling the toilet, installing the shower faucet and curved curtain rail, adding new baseboard trim, removing the vanity tile and adding a new vanity counter top. And, at some point I need to to purchase something I have never purchased before (for some strange reason)- a shower curtain! I think this list will wait until we get back from vacation. For now, we’re just very pleased with how much we’ve been able to accomplish in the space of a very short (but very busy) week.


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