The day after

8:15 PM  It’s amazing the difference a day makes.

My Dad continues to recover well- this morning, he was disconnected from all of the tubes and monitors and taken off blood pressure medication (as he is maintaining a good rate on his own). By noon, he was transferred out of ICU into the cardiac observation unit. He is still very tired and extremely sore, and a little frustrated by his current limitations.  However, he is completely alert and communicative, his colour is great and he continues his recovery right on track.   He still needs lots of time to rest, along with a few gentle reminders not to talk up a storm and just “chill out” (this seems to be my job!).  Tomorrow, the plan is for him to be up on his feet for short periods of time. 
I forgot to mention yesterday that at the end of my dad’s surgery when his heart was restarted, it started very strongly without need for assistance. The surgeon said this was an extremely positive sign, and we found this very encouraging.  
Also, while my Mom and I were waiting for my dad’s surgery to complete, we started up conversation with another woman, also waiting for her husband. Within a few minutes, my mom and this lady realized they had worked together as telephone operators in North Battleford, 44 years ago. They spent an animated hour reminiscing and talking about former colleagues…  this hour was a great distraction for my Mom. I couldn’t have planned a better coincidence if I had tried. 
My dad was resting a little more comfortably when we left the hospital this evening and I took advantage of this to get my Mom home to do the same. I’ll update my dad’s progress again tomorrow night when we get home from the hospital. 

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