Quick update

My Dad continues to recover really well- today he was walking around and looked great. He’s still quite weak and needs lots of naps, but he was up on his feet, bright eyed, and looked great. He was also enough of his sarcastic self to make some very funny comments about his rather bland dinner!  He’s still uncomfortable in his hospital bed and moves around rather gingerly (and slowly), but the progress made between yesterday was another huge leap forward. For me, the best part was hearing that he is in very little pain. I think today was the first day where this was the case.

He is scheduled to come home early, sometime on Sunday.  That will being a whole new phase of recovery. I know he is looking forward to having a quiet room to actually get some uninterrupted sleep and be back in familiar surroundings.  Keeping him out of his garden might pose a few challenges, but I’ll save those for next week. 

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