I asked my dad what to write today and his response was “Slow and steady wins the race!” I think the terms slow and steady are good descriptions of progress around here.  

Dad was up and around this afternoon- we went for a short walk outside, then he perched at the kitchen island to learn how to make two of his favourite things to eat- hummus and greek salad. After dinner, my uncle arrived with the most glorious strawberries, picked today from a local farm.  Now, my Dad is helping my Mom clean and freeze them! We’re letting him do stuff that isn’t too strenuous as he needs a distraction and is a little restless. Despite this activity, he did admit that today, he feels tired to the bone. So, more rest and quiet is in store for tomorrow. 


2 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. hey Unger family!
    Just wanted to say a quick hello here as we've been stalking the blog for a week now and haven't left a comment! We so appreciate the updates and have been praying for ALL of you every single day. Please keep writing and posting your wonderful pics. Your dad looks fantastic, even though i know there must be pain. If you could pass along a big but careful hug to him for us that would be great!!
    Ang, Laurie and the kids!

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