When I moved to Nanaimo, I was not certain if I would continue work in my field or do something completely different. Jeff and I entertained all sorts of ideas, one of which was renovating an ocean front (or at least, ocean view!) house and running a Bed and Breakfast. Today, I got a taste of the B&B  inkeeper’s life and it’s a little less glamorous than I imagined!  After cleaning bathrooms and ironing sheets, I made the mistake of telling my Mom that the only part of B&B hosting that appeals to me is having a captive audience to try out new culinary experiments…. so guess who is signed up to cook breakfast tomorrow morning?!

My Dad is doing better today. He enjoyed a field trip to Rosthern this morning for a hair cut and a doctor’s appointment, and the change of scenery put some pep back in his step.  All seems to be going well from a medical recovery perspective, and one small drainage tube incision that has been troublesome is now aided by antibiotics to avoid possible infection. The doctor reminded Dad that he is an incredibly fortunate to still be here…. and while this is still very humbling, we are simply grateful and thankful. I know there is an incredible network of friends, family, faith and prayer still surrounding us- my Dad really does feel this.

The gratuitous garden shots today are of my parent’s acre (almost) of lettuce, and some blooming Sweet William. I do feel a little guilty- while Jeff is braving out cold temperatures and rain at home, the thermometer is set to hit 30+ again tomorrow with lots of glorious sunshine.


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