Celebration from afar

Today was a quiet and restful day. We celebrated the removal of the last of my dad’s staples (in his leg) and started arranging appointments for next week with cardiac therapists, dieticians, nurses and other care team members.  After receiving a warning from his home care nurse (AKA my aunt!) to stop picking raspberries (something he did yesterday for about 15 minutes), my dad appeared to be a little more compliant today!

The beautiful lilies shown here were a gift last summer from my Uncle H and Aunt N. They are are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend and we send them our congratulations and warmest wishes. We wish we could celebrate with you!


2 thoughts on “Celebration from afar

  1. Thank you sooo much Stef for your informative updates. What an answer to everyone's prayers when we see how well Dad is doing and how you & Mom are handling ALL those details. I'm sure there are challenges every day.
    We are anticipating Mike & Roz's wedding Aug 19th. There is a shower for her tomorrow at harv & Bev's. the sun has finally come out so we will be able to be outside.
    We are continuing to pray for all of you. Give our love to Mom & Dad

  2. Rob and I have arrived home from vacation to discover the news about Don. Our prayers and thoughts are especially with him and Marion and, of course, your family. It is encouraging to read the updates of how he is doing. Please send our love to them both.
    Rob & DaVerne Wood
    July 28/11

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