Craving colour

After living with a bright chintz sofa for more than a decade in my last home, I have swung to the opposite end of the furniture spectrum. During our married life, Jeff and I have purchased a new living room sofa and loveseat (both beige) and a used sofa for our family room (also beige). I have to admit- the need for bland neutrality has been all my influence and I’m feeling the need for some colour.

Our basement family room is bright (thanks to 3 windows and 9 foot ceilings) and my plan to revive the space with colour needs to incorporate our existing furniture, artwork, and rug. All of the design blogs I read encourage bold use of fabrics to inject life into a space and while this approach is completely outside my comfort zone, the idea is growing on me more and more. 
What do you think? Comments? Ideas for a coffee table?

4 thoughts on “Craving colour

  1. I wish I could see the pics at the same time as I make my comments. Let's see…I think the vase and all your paintings can be combined nicely into a red theme. The greens in the one piece really activate all the reds. If you paint your stove black, that will deepen the reds and pull in your Ukrainian pieces. Do you have to keep everything? The green carpet and file boxes might cause a bit of trouble with the overall look.

  2. Well Steph, I've been on design hiatus for about 5yrs, so take this with a grain of salt! I would look for a dark (black or dk brown) substantial square coffee table. Simple lines, think wood, chunky. This will hopefully anchor the rest of the stuff you've got going on. I would limit your fabric patterns to the floral, black swirly and mustard rick rack looking one. Take finished pics for us!

  3. Well, Steff, whatever you do will be nice, that I know. Some plain wood coffee table maybe. Not sure of the blue pattern pillow, what about a plain colour? Have fun.


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