Bathroom unveil

I was ready to unveil our guest bathroom many weeks ago- in fact, it has already been enjoyed by guests. The bright September morning I went down to take photos however, I was met with a puddle of clean water covering the entire floor. This was the final saga in a string of numerous toilet challenges and leaks- one of which ruined the former laminate floor and created the need for the bathroom renovation in the first place. The hunt for a new throne took us a few more weeks than we planned (who knew that toilets came with so many options), and with its installation just before Thanksgiving, we’re now ready to show off our new guest bathroom. You can imagine that with a budget of $1000 (and tons of hard work by Jeff and my dad), we are very, very pleased with the final result. We think our guests will be, too.

View of the vanity and toilet before (paying special attention to the barbells):

and the same view after: 
Tub side of the bathroom before during (sorry… we forgot the befores but just imagine a brown tub surrounded by three rows of ivory square tiles): 

and a few afters:


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