Why we love music

Jeff and I are both music lovers. There is usually some sort of music playing while we work at our computers, when we’re in the car, while Jeff is puttering in his workshop,… and I seem to make mundane chores go much faster if there is music in the background. While we don’t love all music, we love a life WITH music. It’s not about entertainment for us- it is about a way of living. We can’t function in this world without it.

In welcoming new music students to the Boston Conservatory, pianist and teacher Karl Paulnack spoke  about the purpose and function of music.  Click here for a direct link to the article. If you are someone who sees the world through music (and believes, as I do, that music has incredible power to change things for the better), I think you’ll find it a particularly interesting (and inspiring) read.

Photo from Image Shack

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