36 Musical Days of Christmas

My post about music earlier this week got me thinking about the ways that music is an integral part of life’s celebrations- both the happy and the sad.  This year has not been a particularly easy year for us (even with many happy moments along the way) and it feels like we are more aware than other years about how much we have to be grateful for.

Jeff and I are both really looking forward to Christmas this year. We have had a very busy few months of work and thesis research/writing and are really looking forward to a break over the holidays. My family will be here for Christmas and, after my dad’s heath crisis this summer, we’re so thankful to just be together. There will also be very special celebration of our newest family member, a nephew, who was due to arrive yesterday!  For the first time, Jeff and I will have members of BOTH our families around our table for Christmas dinner (and around our piano for post-dinner carol singing) and we are so excited about this. As this tough year comes to a close, we are very thankful to be ending things on a bright note.

For Jeff and I, celebrating Christmas without music is not an option. There is something about Christmas music that makes our souls sing and fills us with radiant hope. As we enter December this week and an official countdown to Christmas begins, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favourite Christmas music here each day. So from this weekend until New Year’s Day, we will celebrate 36 Musical Days of Christmas. It’s going to look something like this:

I’ll explain what each category means as we come to it this week. It all starts Sunday so stay tuned!   


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