2nd day of Christmas

Those who know me know I am not a morning person. Monday mornings are sometimes the most difficult and I find life is better if I can take a bit of time over my Monday morning coffee to make that transition back to the busy pace of an average week day. I think that a bit of jazz makes that transition even easier. So, each Monday this month, I’m going to feature a favourite piece Christmas music performed by a favourite jazz musician. Today, I start with one of my favourites.

 I am a pianist. I live in Nanaimo. And I love jazz.

Pianist + Nanaimo + Jazz = Diana Krall
Even before I moved to her hometown, I loved Diana Krall. In addition to her great musicianship, her recordings manage to feel so intimate- almost like she’s in the room. I am jealous of her amazing piano skills and the simplicity she brings to her music. I could (and do) listen to it for hours on end.
If you are also a fan, you might want to check out her versions of the Christmas Song, Jingle Bells and White Christmas

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