6th day of Christmas

I’m not exceptionally well versed in contemporary popular music. There are, however, a few “new” Christmas carols by current artists that we really love. Fridays this month, we’ll share some of these pieces here.

Jeff and I think that composing/writing trio Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend are the best modern hymn writers in the world today. Their lyrics are biblically based (not me-centered and none of that unbearably gushy Jesus-is-my-boyfriend nonsense) and their music is singable and interesting- certainly music written for more than just three guitar chords. While In Christ Alone and Power of the Cross have become very popular in many Christian churches, this trio has written some really beautiful Christmas pieces that are less known. One of our favourites is a setting of the Magnificat.

On their Christmas album, Jeff really loves the Getty’s arrangment of the 6th century Latin carol  O Savior of our Fallen Race while I like the more modern Joy Has Dawned and find myself humming the very sweet Jesus, Joy of the Highest Heaven, a new children’s carol.


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