33rd day of Christmas

My favourite new Christmas CD this year is “Glory to the Newborn King” by the Good Noise Gospel Choir in Vancouver. I bought two copies this year (one for my Mom for Christmas and the other for us) and we have played it over and over and over. I love this CD because the choir is fantastic, my Mom loves it because the choir’s founder and director is someone who also grew up in my home church (and who has unbelievable talent oozing out every pore)  and Jeff loves it because it’s not overmixed or overproduced- listening to it, it almost feels like the performers are in the same room. It’s got energy and is so infectiously joyful that even whilst cleaning windows before Christmas (one of my least favourite activities), I found myself happily dancing around and squeegee-ing in time.

The Choir has an mp3 on their website of ‘Jesus, What a Wonderful Child’. Click here to go to the link and press the “play” arrow to start the song. For more information about the Good Noise Gospel Choir, check out their website. If you like Gospel Music, I can’t recommend this CD or this choir enough.

Several weeks ago, one of my friends introduced me to Dottie Peoples, a gospel great I did not know about. She also has a great version of Jesus, What a Wonderful Child and Go Tell It On the Mountain. While I have tried my best to avoid duplicating songs this Christmas, I think these versions are so happy that hearing them again is all right. Enjoy!


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