My view Wednesday

Now that the Christmas music series is finished, I want to return to “My view Wednesday” and share a random and unexciting part of my everyday life. This week I have two photos:

Every year, no matter how hard I try or how diligent I am, there always seems to be one Christmas decoration that somehow does not get packed away- and somehow, only becomes visible when all of the Christmas boxes are all tucked away (and not easily accessible). This is what I forgot this year. 
Jeff and I usually don’t keep milk in the house- with his allergy, I have converted to soy milk and that just makes everything easier for us. During Christmas however, I bought a jug of milk for the cow fans in my family and of course, was left with leftovers. It has turned out to be wonderful as I have replaced my morning coffee with a hot cup of chai tea, topped with steamed and frothed milk. It’s been a little bit of bliss while I get going with school work in the morning… and I think I may be converting to tea and steamed milk permanently. It’s that good. 
I love it when leftovers force me to discover something new!

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