Saying Farewell

I have mixed feelings about blogging. Jeff and I are private people at heart, but we are also people who value relationships. The focus of this blog has always been to keep in touch with friends and family who are scattered across the continent (and the globe). Last summer, this blog was a helpful way to pass on updates of my dad’s health and recovery from heart surgery. Through this, I reconnected with old family friends and extended family, which was such an unexpected gift. One of the reconnected relationships was with my great Aunt S. 

Carrying on tradition- my Mom’s and my flower gardens in 2011

As a child, we visited Aunt S numerous times. I remember that she had the most amazing flower garden, the warmest smile, the bubbliest laugh, and played the piano beautifully. Most importantly, she took time to really talk to me- that’s what sticks out in my mind most. When we reconnected late last fall, Aunt S was facing terminal illness. We bonded over the Christmas music here on our blog; when January 1 came and the Christmas music was over, she and I continued sharing sacred music privately. Aunt S’s faith, positive outlook, and joy in music and relationships was so inspiring. On days when thesis writing was not going well, the music we shared really kept me going. Thesis writing has a way of consuming one’s life and my daily interaction with Aunt S kept this in perspective. 

This morning, Aunt S passed away peacefully in her sleep. I’m thankful her suffering is over but will miss our daily music sharing very, very much. This morning, I was going to send her a choral version of the old gospel hymn, Precious Lord (click here). Instead, I now borrow the words of Charles Anthony Silvestri and the music of Dan Forrest to say Farewell (click here to hear Farewell). 

          The time has come to say farewell; and though my heart be heavy,
          I promise still to remember ye, e’en though we say, “Farewell.”

          The flow’rs that bloom’d in Summer’s sun have lost their fleeting glory,
          And all but died in Winter’s chill; and we must say, “Farewell.”

          So brief a time has come and gone, since first we sang together;
          But bittersweet is that music now, that we must say, “Farewell.”

          Now we must part, and fare ye well in all that ye endeavor!
          And last, I pray–fondly think of me, whene’er you say, “Farewell.”

One thought on “Saying Farewell

  1. Stefanie, your music meant so much to Mom. We played music you had sent as we said our goodbyes on Thursday night. I left it playing as she went to sleep. Just think, it is the last music she heard before the angels. 🙂

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