Flower Power

I don’t read many blogs, but there are a few home design and fashion blogs I enjoy. Blog reading hasn’t happened for many months, and it’s been fun to begin slowly catching up with my morning coffee. This spring, it seems that the “new” trend is a floral one. Flowered chintz is everywhere- on pillows, curtains, bedding, wallpaper and upholstery. I have to admit, it’s not a trend I am very excited to see again… maybe because it’s less than 5 years since I parted with a floral chintz sofa (that I had grown tired of long before it left my living room). I think it will take a long time before I’m willing to welcome a large piece of furniture with flowers back into my life.

Or so I thought… until I saw photos from Kate Spade’s Spring 2012 fashion show. Kate Spade designs the most cheerily bright and beautiful purses, accessories and shoes. The purses alone have caused me much drooling over the past decade as they are just wonderful. The Kate Spade line recently expanded to include fashion and THIS-
a custom chintz Vespa scooter. As a long-time lover of Vespas, I have to admit that this use of flowers really does make me smile.

Image courtesy of Kate Spade
Notice the matching helmet and dressing room wallpaper.  I think this is truly travelling in style.

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