Different esthetic

Over the weekend, Jeff and I got to talking about what home improvement projects are on the agenda for this summer. In addition to a new garage roof, our main bathroom needs some attention.  We learned a lot while renovating our basement guest bath last year (see our progress here, here, here, here, and here as well as the final reveal here) and feel more confident approaching another bathroom project.

That being said… we have different perspective on a “dream” bathroom. While Jeff was studying last night (he has a major professional exam mid April), I started looking at some bathroom ideas. The most unusual photo I came across was of this bathroom, designed by Antonia Martins, from October 2010 issue of California Home. 
Photo by Drew Kelly
When I showed Jeff, the only word he could whisper was, “Beautiful!!” Me, on the other hand, could only imagine the number of times I would stub my toe on this contraption. And wonder, where I would hide the toilet bowl cleaner. 
I’ll admit, it is certainly a conversation piece. Despite Jeff falling in love with this, I think we’re headed back to the drawing board. 

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