Photo by Camera Press / Renton

The royal wedding last year created a fascinator craze around the world. All of a sudden, everyone had heard of fascinators and knew what they were. This was somewhat disappointing for me, as I had been a lone lover of fascinators for the previous decade, and received a fair amount of weird stares and whispers behind my back whenever I showed up at a wedding or Easter Sunday wearing coloured feathers on my head. I do admit that fascinators are a bit ridiculous but I love them just the same. 

When I got married, there was no question- I was going to wear a fascinator. Finding one in North America in 2007 was next to impossible, and I had to enlist the help of my soon-to-be sister-in-law, who thankfully was living in England at the time. I bought a fascinator online, shipped it to her (I couldn’t find a fascinator seller who would ship to Canada), and my soon-to-be mother-in-law brought it back to Canada when she returned from a visit. Jeff picked it up from his Mom and brought it to me in Ontario during one of his visits so that I could finally see it in person. From there, my mother transported it back to BC with her after her visit (there were lots of visits the Fall of 2007) so that I wouldn’t have to worry about damaging or misplacing it in my cross-country move a month later (just two weeks before we got married). Yes- all that went down just so that I could wear feathers on my head down the aisle. I suppose that was my Bridezilla moment.

Nowadays, fascinators have become almost mainstream. I was at the Bay department store recently and saw a whole rack of feathered beauties for sale in every colour under the rainbow. In North America, you can now find fascinators:

handmade on Etsy
 from hip clothing retailers like Forever 21
from my very favourite Canadian hat shop, Beau Chapeau in Niagara-on-the-Lake
from Canadian millinery designer Oh Dina
at Fascinators NYC
Unfortunately, life on Vancouver Island does not present many social occasions that require, or even warrant wearing a fascinator. I wore hats twice last year- once for Easter Sunday and once, to a friend’s wedding. This year, I have yet to break open any of my hat boxes… and that makes me a little sad. I think I’ll have to host a tea party for the Queen’s Jubilee.
my wedding fascinator, as it appeared on Ebay…
… and on the big day.

One thought on “Fascinating

  1. I'm glad you included your picture. They are quite wonderful, but as you say, there aren't many opportunities to wear them.

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