A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Jeff and I are starting to brainstorm for a main bathroom renovation. On Saturday night, we spent the evening searching for inspiration, measuring and creating the start of a plan. As in most renovations, Jeff and I had no trouble agreeing to the big questions. Does the molded tub surround go? YES! The floor? YES! The vanity? Hmmmm… after an hour of looking, measuring and concluding we can’t easily tweak the existing vanity to gain much needed drawer space, we agreed it has to go, too.  So, while the footprint of the bathroom is going to stay the same, everything will be updated except the toilet.

The vanity is the most complicated element, as there is a narrower-than-usual space it needs to fit (60 inches wide but only 19.5 inches deep). To figure out the rest of the plan for the bathroom, it seems we first have to figure out the new vanity… and move from the big questions to decisions about details. And that’s where Jeff’s and my opinions go off in completely different directions.

Jeff’s pick for a vanity:

By Cantera Furniture

Stef’s pick for a vanity:

Bathroom by Canadian designer Peter Fallico. Photo from DecorPad

Jeff and I had a rather colourful (and laughter-filled) conversation Saturday as we shared our thoughts on the other’s pick (doesn’t his look like an old liquor cabinet?!) and tried to sell each other on our own preferred vanity style. Jeff realized he was fighting a loosing battle so pulled out his trump card. “Well”, he huffed (with a mischievous grin), “Mine is timeless!”

I could only just shake my head.

So, dear friends and family members, we are putting this to a week-long vote. Which one do you prefer?!

UPDATE March 2013 If you take a peek here, you’ll see we compromised Stef’s need for clean lines with Jeff’s desire for wood. The good news is that we’re both really happy with it.


2 thoughts on “Compromise…

  1. Good question. It doesn't look like any, does it? If there were some hidden drawers, it would certainly gain some points in my book (although not enough!).

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