Butchart Gardens Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, we had a wonderful day at the Butchart Gardens after my graduation. We took our time and enjoyed the entire garden- each section was uniquely beautiful that it makes it hard to pinpoint my favourite spots. I really loved the peace,  and tranquility of the Japanese Garden. It was very green and very quiet- two things that make me happy.

It was a little early for the roses (although quite a number were in bloom) but we did catch the peak of the peonies.

Triple bloom peonies- each flower had a burst of pink petals in the centre

I should have taken more pictures of the irises- they were in every colour imagineable and were really striking.

As were the Whirligig Daisies.

I think, however, my favourite were the blue poppies. I posted about them here last week… they were so delicate and the most beautiful shade of blue.

Since our visit, I’ve read up on these Himalayan Blue Poppies and it appears that they are quite difficult to grow.  I suspect that since our garden is fairly shaded, they would do very well here… and I think they may be worth the experiment.

The gardens, as a whole, are perfectly maintained, and impressively striking. I think I prefer the more informal areas , but the whole place is certainly worth a visit.  I was just amazed that it was the brainchild of one woman- a woman who set out to make an ugly quarry pit beautiful. She certainly succeeded and her family, who still run the place (very successfully), are making her legacy a lasting one.


2 thoughts on “Butchart Gardens Part 2

  1. Seriously, I'm not sure why you went back to school. I think you could have hung out your shingle as a professional photographer!

  2. Thanks, Sandra! During late high school and university, I worked part time for a fantastic photographer (see link below). It was a great education and completely changed how I looked at photo taking. I don't have a great camera…. that's on my Christmas list this year!


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