Jeff and I spent the day in Victoria yesterday. We planned to walk around Clover Point Park and I figured my camera would be filled with beautiful shots of the of the view across the Straight of Juan de Fuca to the Olympic Peninsula (like the ship in the centre of my blog header above) to post today… but this was the view we got.

Victoria was completely fogged in and covered in rain for most of the afternoon. Despite the not-so-nice weather, we did have two great visits with friends, a fantastic lunch at our favourite Victoria restauranta lovely walk around Beacon Hill Park, great burgers, and a stroll around Craigdarroch Castle before coming home. Not bad, considering the yucky weather. We’ll just have to go again when the sun is out. 

Jeff, tree climbing in Beacon Hill Park
Craigdarroch Castle, home of the Robert Dunsmiur family (a pretty famous family in the history of BC.). Their son later built Hatley Castle (now the campus of Royal Roads University) as his home… and now I get WHY he thought building a castle for a home was a good idea. 

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