Amazing Glass

During my first trip to England, my friend P and I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Hanging under the main lobby dome was this incredible hand blown glass sculpture. I really, really liked it (check out this great post from the V&A on the challenges of cleaning it).

A few years ago, Jeff and I went to Las Vegas.  My cousin strongly recommended that we walk through the lobby of the Bellagio Hotel, just to see the ceiling. We did. And I really, really liked it.

On vacation in Florida last spring, Jeff and I went to the Fairchild Botanical Gardens. While walking through the beautiful grounds, we happened on two things that looked strangely familiar. Again, I really, really liked them.

Finally, when thinking about what to do with our large bird bath/pond, I keep thinking about these floating glass orbs and onions I saw nearly a decade ago, at the New York Botanical Gardens. I really, really liked them.

These are all the works of Seattle glass artist Dale Chihuly, who does some pretty big and incredible things with glass. As you can tell, I’ve become a fan. Three of Chihuly’s largest, permanent installations are in his hometown of Tacoma, Washington.

Chihuly Garden and Glass at the Seattle Centre

The Sculpture Pacific Sun in the Glass House. Photo by Inside Bainbridge
Glass display in Exhibition Hall.  Photo by Inside Bainbridge

Chihuly Bridge of Glass at the Tacoma Museum of Glass

Seaform Pavilion ceiling on the Chihuly Bridge of Glass Photo source

Poppy Window Photo source

For a long time, Jeff and I have wanted to go to the Tacoma Museum of Flight. Adding on these three glass exhibits and a few of Seattle/Tacoma’s great restaurants, we could have the makings for a pretty fantastic weekend trip.


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