The Next Plan

Those who know me know that I am a planner. Yes- I admit that I feel better about life when I have a plan. It’s just how I roll.

Jeff and I are gutting our main bathroom next weekend. A few weeks ago, we put together our plan and chose materials and decided on what we need to accomplish in this project. Our goals? More storage. Better storage. Maximized functionality. And a bit of style. Here is what the bathroom is now:

First impression: function and storage isn’t great, nor is style. And since this photo is taken while standing in the front entrance to our house, you now can see how how important this room is to overall first impressions.

View looking straight into the bathroom. Ho Hum. We salvaged the door’s from Jeff’s parents when they renovated their house (our old doors had etched pictures of fish) and they were a great improvement. The shower surround is so pitted that nothing will clean it anymore. 
A look at what’s usually behind the bathroom door (don’t worry- the door was just off for a day being painted!).

A look back at the vanity

And here is a model Jeff whipped up for what we hope to have in about three week’s time:

The footprint is exactly the same but with more storage, wider counter surface, a larger mirror, a small recessed closet and fairly simple clean lines. I ordered the bathtub this morning so it seems, the project has begun!


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