Yes, we realize it’s just a faucet

We have chosen every material for our upcoming bathroom renovation, except the faucets. Faucets are another one of those things where there are far too many choices… so we had to narrow down our requirements. Our needs are simple- we want a good quality, single handle faucet that will stand up to lots of everyday use and look good, too. After much research, here are our two finalists.

Option 1: The Kalia Umani
Pros: made in Canada of solid brass and it’s excellent quality. The lever on top moves effortlessly in all directions so you can change the temperature or pressure with a fingertip. Matches a shower faucet that we like. I thinks it looks fine and like that it is not overly trendy. The small base looks easy to clean.
Cons: The more expensive option. No water conservation features built-in. Jeff doesn’t like how it looks. Needs to be special ordered.
Option 2: The Moen 90 Degree
Pros: Also very good quality and super stylish. Supposedly conserves water. Also has great handle maneuverability to control both pressure and temperature.  Matches a shower faucet that we really like. Jeff thinks it’s über cool and is utterly besotted with it. The cheaper option, available locally, in stock. Customer reviews are excellent.
Cons: Not all brass construction. It’s stylish… but maybe too stylish? I’m not convinced and wonder if it’s trendiness will date quickly. Not sure if larger base would be more difficult to clean. 
side view of the Moen 90 degree faucet


2 thoughts on “Yes, we realize it’s just a faucet

  1. I like the curvy lines of the first one. Also, would there be water left sitting in the spout of the second one when it is turned off? Or does it dribble into the sink?

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